Lady Bowen Trust provides ongoing support for Roma House

“The Lady Bowen Trust is focussed on providing practical help to people who had been homeless to transition to more stable housing arrangements. Roma House clients in Spring Hill in inner Brisbane were the first beneficiaries of the Trust, and although the Trust now provides support throughout Queensland, we recognise the importance of supporting people who are in the process of moving on from Roma House” Darryl Seccombe, Chair of the Board of Advice of the Lady Bowen Trust, said.

“The practical support provided by the Lady Bowen Trust is intended to complement the very important work of charities such as Mission Australia by tailoring help to people who have complex, individual needs. This may be by providing simple items such as linen or household goods to help establish a home or by assisting with education and training costs so that people may re-enter the workforce.” Mr Seccombe said.
“It is fitting to reaffirm the reasons why the Trust was named in tribute to Lady Bowen, and to reconfirm that the Queensland community, through organisations such as the Lady Bowen Trust and Mission Australia, continue to strive to help their fellow Queenslanders.” Mr Seccombe said. “Lady Bowen devoted herself to working tirelessly for those in the community. Despite her background of aristocracy and great wealth, she was a gracious and natural advocate for the underprivileged, the injured and the infirm. Lady Bowen’s commitment to her community continues to be an enduring role-model for us to aspire to today.”
The Trust was launched in November 2006 by the Queensland Government, with funding provided by the former Queensland Department of Housing and the Residential Tenancies Authority.

The 10th Anniversary of the Trust in November 2016 also coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the opening of Mission Australia’s Roma House, which is one of the beneficiaries of the Trust.

 For further information, contact the Secretariat to the Lady Bowen Trust on 1800 081 698.