About the Trust

The Lady Bowen Trust provides practical, personal and often profound assistance to Queenslanders who are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness through the distribution of micro grants.

Many of the items these grants are used for aren’t covered by other funding sources, are small in material value, but make an enormous impact on both the daily experience and future prospects of Queenslanders experiencing housing instability.

Three examples include: the purchase of a washing machine which replaced a three hour round trip a mother of three was making multiple times a week to a laundromat via public transport; the purchase of beds for the children of a single father enabled a family to be reunited; and covering the cost of driving lessons increased the opportunity for employment.

Thousands of Queenslanders have benefited from the distribution of over $1.5 million dollars during the last 14 years, averaging about $250 per person. These flexible funds have been distributed through our community-based partners via an annual grants program and other funding channels. Our processes have been intentionally designed as flexible and low-document so our partners spend less time on paperwork and more time with people.

The Lady Bowen Trust was established in November 2006 by the Queensland Government with an initial $3 million funding provided by the former Department of Housing and the Residential Tenancies Authority. These funds are invested in perpetuity and the dividends are distributed. With established systems of governance and few overheads, the Lady Bowen Trust is a safe pair of hands administering small contributions that make a significant difference.

The Trust was named in memory of Lady Diamantina Roma Bowen and her significant contribution to assist Queenslanders in need. She was famous for her compassion and dignity – inspiring qualities which the Trust embraces.

The independent Trustee of the Lady Bowen Trust is the Public Trustee of Queensland who is assisted by a voluntary Board of Advice consisting of leaders in the business, community and not-for-profit sectors.