The Cause

Lady Bowen Trust funds assist Queenslanders experiencing, or at risk of homelessness to stabilise their lives.  The Trust works in partnership with charities to provide additional support which can improve people’s future.  For many people, targeted support can make a huge difference in gaining and sustain accommodation, work, education or training.  Here are some real cast studes (*name changed where indicated) from Queenslanders assisted through the LBT.

Laura* – 17 and exiting care – had a case worker and was undertaking a Cert IV in business management.  She was working to secure a traineeship and LBT funds assisted with provision of household items.  She wrote: “Thank you to the Lady Bowen Trust for assisting me to purchase some furniture.  This has helped me to save for rent and bond for when I leave and am on my own”.

Tim* – spent 12 months on the street before arriving at Roma House and presented with serious unmedicated mental health issues.  After intense engagement with case workers, it became evident that his sources of support were in North Queensland.  Support workers linked him with mental health services who stabilised his medication and arranged a transfer to mental health services in North Queensland.  Tim re-established contact with his family, and Lady Bowen Trust funds assisted him to return to a more solid and supportive environment with them.

Jeanie wrote “Dear Lady Bowen Trust, Thank you for assisting me with household items, such as linen and kitchen items for me to move into my own house.  This means that I can focus financially on my unborn child.  This means a lot to me that people that I haven’t met do these kinds of things.  Please know that I’m extremely grateful.  Love from Jeanie”

Dee* is a young single mother with three young children aged 8, 2 and 16 months.  Dee initially requested assistance from our partner organisation to secure accommodation and secured a long-term department of housing property.  After the family settled into the property, Dee was travelling 15 kms on a bus to access a washing machine.  The LBT assisted Dee to purchase a washing machine to make life easier for her and her children.  Dee stated that she was “extremely grateful for all of the support and life is so much easier with a washing machine.”

Fee* is an aboriginal woman in her 70s who has care of 5 grandchildren.   Fee has stuggled with finances due to a lack of family support concerning care of her grandchildren.  Fee became at risk of homelessness when she feel behind in her rent and was sent an eviction notice.   Support from the LBT through our charitable partner has assisted Fee to sustain her tenancy.